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The Intelehealth platform consists of four five main components:

  1. Intelehealth Android Application

  2. Intelehealth Web Application

  3. Intelehealth backend (OpenMRS electronic health record system)

  4. Ayu - a rules-based digital health assistant (previously known as HxGuide)

  5. Data dashboards server


1. Intelehealth Android application is a mobile software application developed in an Android platform which empowers FHWs (Frontline Health Workers) to provide primary health care access to the last mile.


Ayu also provides interactive job aids that help community-based providers during the physical exam, such as video, pictures, and sounds when relevant to the question being presented.


5. Data dashboards

Intelehealth dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to the organization. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

At Intelehealth, we have implemented an open source “Apache Superset” BI tool to design dashboards. This empowers the users to use the past data to identify trends and use the information in a fruitful manner that can influence their future decision making. The effective use of dashboards will also help to,

  • Get real-time data insights

  • Ability to perform data analysis over a specific time period

  • Identify areas that require urgent actions

  • Take necessary actions to streamline workflows and utilize resources effectively


All these software platforms i.e Android app, Intelehealth web application, Intelehealth back end (OpenMRS), Ayu and Ayu the data dashboards work together to deliver comprehensive Health care services in the community. These software platforms along with Program implementation model have reduced the distance traveled and time and money to access basic health access. The Intelehealth software platform has benefited doctor from a greater convenience in being able to see patients virtually from their homes. They also spend lesser time per consult as compared to other models, since a preliminary clinical history and physical exam were already gathered by the CHW through Ayu. This improved efficiency in health consults results in a more scalable and sustainable telemedicine model. Overall the system delivers care using an approach that is cost-effective, scalable, replicable, has a greater impact and better ROI on healthcare spending.