Intelehealth Product Roadmap


This is an overview of the Intelehealth Product Roadmap 4.0 for 2022-25. The Intelehealth telemedicine software platform has been used in various projects at the scale of a few districts. As these projects scale, we need to be able to support state and nationwide deployments of the software and need to improve the platform on several dimensions – scalability, usability and user experience, data use, clinical decision support, interoperability, privacy and security. 

We have identified the barriers to scale-up that need to be addressed by making changes to our technology platform. These changes will directly result in increase in usage and adoption – more teleconsultations, more health providers using the platform frequently and consistently, better diagnosis and clinical decision-making leading to better healthcare outcomes.

The roadmap is driven by four major thematic areas namely

  1. Scalability

  2. Usability & User experience

  3. Interoperability, Privacy & Security

  4. Data, AI/ML and our Digital Assistant

 Product roadmap



Detailed roadmap (click to enlarge image):