Welcome to the Intelehealth Wiki!
This space is for new developers, users and implementers, who want to know more about the Intelehealth technology platform. It aims to help anyone get an understanding of the entire platform including the technologies used to build it, the software architecture, how to setup the platform and its various use cases.

About Intelehealth
Intelehealth is a tech non-profit, spun out of a student project the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID). We’ve built a digital health platform for supporting health workers for delivering primary care services at the last mile, by task-shifting care process and using a knowledge-enabled digital assistant and telemedicine.


Vision and Mission
Access to health is a basic human right. We believe in the vision of Health For All - that everyone should be able to access the care they need, when and where they need it, without facing financial hardship. Our mission is to improve access to affordable, quality comprehensive primary healthcare services for the last mile.

The Platform
Intelehealth is an open source telemedicine platform to meet the needs of last mile telemedicine programs. It empowers local health providers in rural communities to facilitate teleconsultations with remote doctors. It enables them to gather high quality clinical history and conduct clinically-relevant physical exams. Intelehealth can be used by hospitals, community health programs & governments to expand the reach of health services to ensure that vital primary care reaches remote and rural populations.

The Intelehealth platform consists of four main components: The Intelehealth Android Application, The Intelehealth Web App, Intelehealth Backend and Ayu, a rules-based digital health assistant.

Read more about the platform and key features here.

Collaborate and Reach Out!
We believe in being open source and welcome you to contribute! For more details on how you can do that, please visit the contributor guidelines section. For updates and new releases watch out for this section.

We would also love to hear from you, in case of any feedback or questions. Feel free to reach us here!