Developer Guide

If you are a new developer intending to work on EHR systems like OpenMRS , APIs for building software applications or building mobile apps for health data collection in remote communities, this wiki will provide you a brief understanding of the system architecture we use at Intelehealth. It will provide you a detailed understanding of setting up our system from scratch, customise it for your particular needs and contribute to our existing product.

Where to Get Started
To start off we suggest you to go through the product description page to have a detailed understanding. Besides, you will find below a few other links to get you started on your journey for learning and contribution to Intelehealth.


You could submit your code in the form of Github pull requests or submit new feature requests vy creating new issues on Github if you want to work on new feature requests. We will invite you for the call, once we plan a sprint release.

Link to Github Repo: